Voiceover & Dubbing


Voiceover and Dubbing

Art is but assisted by science.

Here, at SLK Studios, we realize and understand the power of voiceovers and dubbing services. Whether you are trying to reach a wider group of people or adding diversity to your target audience, we can help you achieve your goals.

Voiceover and dubbing are the two technical practices that are widely done to serve multiple purposes including the above stated. SLK Studios is leaving no sphere untouched. We provide voiceover and dubbing services to its clients of inestimable worth.

The Variety

With the influx of foreign adaptations in the dramas and films to allow cultural diffusion and serve the purpose of cross border cohesion, the need to extend the services catering multilingual content is definite. SLK studio takes into consideration the exigency and, hence, offers its excellent and highly professional voiceover and dubbing services in different languages.

The Spheres

SLK Studios does not confine the scope of action and plays its cards in multiple areas. The voiceover and dubbing services are provided for films, TV dramas, television commercials, infomercials, documentaries, and also for corporate training videos.

The Technicalities

The real art is found rare. The perfect outcomes demand acute mastery. The voiceover and dubbing appears simple to be carried out but in practice it poses a real challenge. SLK Studios summons to contest all the challenges and delivers dexterity in the art. All the technicalities are taken into serious consideration: the mixing, the mastering, keen editing, the sound quality, the coherence in lip synching, etc.

Voiceover and Dubbing Artists

At SLK Studios, we take great pride in offering some of the best voices for such projects. More importantly, we are quick to judge the context and the underlying mission of a TV ad or drama, and then to provide appropriate voices that are perfectly and almost naturally suited to it.

SLK studio believes in bringing in the new talent and using them in the best way possible. Not only the fresh and worthwhile talent is offered to the clients but the young aspirants are trained and polished for better and bigger experiences. The Studio invites the strivers to make their way to the studio and receive training and expertise in voice over and the art of dubbing.


We’re Here for You!

We have been an integral part of numerous voiceover and dubbing projects that you see in everyday life on television. And we are set to continue doing that in the near future.

Feel free to contact us to see how we can help. Rest assured that you will be dealing with the best in the business.


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