Background Scores and OST


 Background Scores and OST

Melody makes it, and the noise does the opposite. A very thin streak segregates the two apexes. SLK Studios is setting unparalleled trends in the music arena with its own distinct definition of forbearing and compassionate music.

SLK Studios take pride in creating mesmerizing and some of the most melodious recent tracks you have heard in the Pakistani drama and music industry. The compositions are exceptionally lavish and rich. We do not just make the lyrics sound good; we also wrap the feelings alongside words to make them swing together with the melody.

The compositions are no leaps in the dark. They are deliberate and premeditated. It is essential to first study the nature of the drama or film so that the outcomes are exclusive for the number at hand. This needs the in depth understanding of the art and the relation between the story, lyrics, and the feelings. SLK studio excels in this art to magnificently combine these components to produce a stirring rhapsody.

In the current era, the trends are fast changing, so are the tastes and likings of the audiences. With the rapid boost to the Pakistani drama industry, the drama related music is also becoming popular and prevalent. OST stands for the Original Sound Track. They are the life of any drama.

A number of super exciting and blossoming OST experiences of the SLK studios includes but are not limited to,

  • The OST of Drama ‘Saza’ Sung by Shabana Kousar. The SLK studio is the proud music composer of the hit.
  • The OST ‘Wo Ajnabi Tha’ sung by Shabana Kauser with the music compositions of SLK Studio.
  • The OST ‘Bad Times’, one of the remarkable composition works of SLK studio, sung by Rahim Shah.
  • The OST ‘Hum Parindey’ sung by Amanat Ali, is also one of the substantial contributions of the SLK studios in the life of both drama and music.

When it comes to background music and scores, it is one of the most crucial elements in any broadcast televised. How often we witness a drama touching heights of glory just because the music it exhibits is masterful – to be able to evoke the necessary feelings and emotions. The background scores not only enhance a particular scene, but the entire play is exalted.

In this sphere also, SLK studio is disseminating wonders. With a number of sterling drama background scores, the SLK studio stands exemplary.

Other marvelous music composition works from SLK studios are:

  • The song ‘Love Song’ sung by Schaz, Music composition by SLK Studios in collaboration with Ali Tim.
  • The song ‘Bikhrey ja rahe hain’ sung by Schaz, music composer is SLK Studios.
  • The song ‘Come to leave’ sung by Alicia and Ali Tim, Music composed by SLK Studios.
  • The song ‘Mere Lafzon ki jhankar tu’ sung by Hassan Jhangir with the music composed by SLK Studios.

Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you evoke the necessary emotions in your drama. We’d love to help you!


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