Many advertisements use Jingles for brand recognition. Though jingles are nothing new, most businesses in Pakistan fail to unlock its true potential for their brands.

Most of the famous companies and products in the world are successful not only because of high customer satisfaction but also because they have a particular jingle in their advertisements that are liked by their customers.

A good jingle attracts more customers and makes your brand and its products instantly more recognizable in the market. On the other hand, a bad jingle can make your company popular for the wrong reasons. Therefore, before you start off and write a jingle for your ad, you must know that it has to be done in the correct manner to be a success. Otherwise, a poorly made jingle can be rather annoying and can cause people to skip the channel immediately.

At SLK Studios, we have created many of the popular Jingles that you hear everybody. Having worked with some of the most popular brands, such as Bata, Telenor, Pepsi, HUAWEI, and QMobile, we understand the needs of high-profile businesses. Moreover, with over 17 years of experience, we truly understand the Pakistani market, their tastes, preferences, needs, and consumer requirements.

Working with SLK Studios ensures that you are in the right, capable hands.

Take a look at some of the most popular TV Jingles we have created:

  • Bata shoes TV commercial – music composed by SLK Studios
  • Pepsi TV commercial — music composed by SLK Studios
  • HUAWEI Mobile jingle — music composed by SLK Studios
  • Jingle of Telenor Talkshawk “Chappar Phaar” offer — music composed by SLK Studios
  • Skin White Beauty Soap commercial — music composed by SLK Studios
  • QMobile E85 and E755 Television commercial — music composed by SLK Studios
  • Orient LED TV jingle — music composed by SLK Studios
  • TV One Globe ID Formation jingle

As a music studio, we completely understand the challenges and opportunities a business faces on the day-to-day basis. That is the reason we are always willing to adjust and deliver our services according to the current demands of our customers. Our goal is to stay ahead of the on-going competition by providing avant-garde services with complete passion and honesty.

We take into account all the unique aspects of your business and provide solutions that ultimately make a huge, positive difference in your marketing campaigns.

If you are planning to create a TV Jingle, you have come to the right place. Please contact us using the contact information below. We will more than excited to work with you!

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