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SLK Studios – Testimonials

SLK studio is a well-recognized name in Pakistan’s music industry. The Studio shares a number of rewarding ventures with renowned artists. And they all love what we have to offer!

Let’s see what your favorite musicians, singers, and celebrities have to say about the studio and the works of Saqib Saleem Khan.

Shehzad Roy


Shehzad Roy is one of the most melodious and convincing Pakistani voice with a fortunate music career since 1996. He has released six music albums. Among them, his socio political album “Qismat Apne Hath Main” released in 2008 was most warmly celebrated.

He says:

“SLK Studios is doing an amazing job in contributing in the life of music. It is undergoing an uphill task of bringing in the raw Pakistani Talent, polishing, and then showcasing in the limelight. It is as much an aid to the newcomers as it is to save a deprived child from the hardships of labor.”

Faisal Qureshi

faisal qureshi

Faisal Qureshi is a Pakistani director, producer and actor. He is famous for his satire. He started his career as a VJ of a music program. He has climbed the ladder of glory in his own distinct version of comedy. Among his famous artistry works, Ufone commercials are dominant.

“Just as it is a serious challenge to make the audience laugh, it is equally difficult to make them rhyme along. Only when it rhymes, it works. SLK studios in all their functioning have scored distinctions and are creating the best opus.”

Sajjad Ali

sajjad ali

Sajjad Ali is a legendary musical figure and a poet. He is, without any doubt, one of hte most iconic and respected musicians in the Pakistan’s music industry.

His genre is semi-classical, pop and rock. He is one of the most talented artists in the country with a mesmerizing soft voice championing all the showdowns. He has taken a number of projects as a director and producer and is doing inordinately well in his stretch.

“SLK studio is a nice venture. I appreciate the work being done in the dominion. They are providing quality compositions with a unique and nicely catered instrumentation.”

Rahim Shah

rahim shah

Rahim Shah is a leading multi-lingual singer based in Pakistan. He started from Peshawar in his native language. After initial successes of “Ghum”, he brought variety in his work and imprinted his name in the music industry’s monograph. He has contributed with his nine albums and a jillion of singles.

“Saqib Saleem Khan is a dedicated and purposeful zealot. His time in the music is commendable. I had a pleasant experience working with him in the OST “Bad Times”. His studio is a living example of his commitment to music and it is instilling more hope in the accompanists.”

Amanat Ali


Amanat Ali is a youthful Pakistani talent celebrated beyond borders as well. He is a singer, musician, composer and songwriter.  He is the recipient of the second best singer title in an Indian talent hunt show. He has played back for Indian and Pakistani movies.

“SLK studio is a capital music hub. I have had a personal experience working with Saqib in Hum Parinde. He is a cardinal behind the success of the endeavor. His music atelier under his supervision is meant to get to the top.”

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